3 Reasons why you should not buy a white bra again

Several weeks ago, I felt the pleasure of shopping with Megan from Brassy Apple. Let’s just say we had a wonderful time. I fit her and like 90% of the women there, she wore the wrong bra size. After measuring her, she went from 36A to 32C! Why? Not only did Megan climb down the two band sizes and cup up to two cup sizes! Appropriately worn force. One of the things I remembered that she was blown away was the conversation we had over the bra.

Like most women, Megan was wearing a white bra when she entered. When we started wearing a bra that suits her, she noticed that whatever I was trying on her was not white. Thanks to Megan I began to fit her. I talked to you about why you should not buy a white bra again.

So what is a big deal about a white bra? A white bra is classic, but does it all go with you? Well, I am here to blow up your mind in this statement –

“Never buy a white break!

Yes, as I said it, I probably have gotten some hate emails since taking a strong stand on this.

but why? It was a bra color of the choice of choice for millions of ladies for generations. Well, I am here to tell you that life is getting much better on the other side of the fence.

My four reasons why you should not buy a white bra

1. They are very difficult to keep clean. As soon as you wear a white bra, you have noticed. It always looks cute, dirty, glossy. Do not you see it clean even if you wash it often? And the bad thing is that washing will be faster as you wash bras. I am not saying that you do not want to wash your brassieres, but you have a white bra and it always looks dirty. I can not bleach, so I would like to hear from you unless there is a way to shine your brassiere white.

2. You can see white bra and black colored clothes under black. This is the biggest reason you should never possess a white bra. A white bra is terrible to wear under a black, bright color clothing.

Most women think that I need to wear a white bra if I am wearing a white shirt. I came here to tell you that this is the worst thing you can do, because I can see something on you. When I say everything, you will see all the blinds under your brassiere under your shirt. It’s wonderful (I will not trial) unless you turn that look, but do not do this otherwise.

Wearing a white brassiere under a really dark and black clothes also causes problems. As white penetrates the dark color, you can see it under the clothing, sometimes the dark color dyes the white bra and leaves the colors red, blue, purple and black forever. Pay attention to the light and flashing camera. This will create a free peepshow for others.

3. It is getting hard to find a white brassiere. Many years ago, when I worked in Nortstrom, most of the women I fitted always wanted a white bra. Most bra manufacturers will not make them because I had a very small selection of white bra. The reason is that in the fashion industry and the lingerie industry white is fashion color, not basic color. This sounds crazy, but it is true. Most women feel that maintenance of white bra is expensive and difficult to take care of.

Well, I will finish it and tell me why you should not wear a white bra again. What do you buy instead of white? I would like to introduce my dear friend, color nude / beige / skin color and why all women in America own these bra.

Nude is the most versatile color. You can wear it under the light colored dark clothing, it is the color of your skin, so you are not watching your shirt. See the example below. This girl is wearing a white brassiere on the left and a nude brassiere on the right. How can you see the brassie on the left picture? And on the right side, I wear a nude color bra, so I can not see Bra. Is it wonderful? That’s right.


The key to finding a good nude color brassieres is to make it so close to the color and color of your skin. If you have clean skin, you should not want to go in dark nude, if you have darker skin, you do not want to go with a light beige color.

Black is also the best color to wear. Black looks fabulous under black and black color clothes. Sometimes you are wearing a black shirt and when you take a picture, hit you bright light, or hit direct sunlight, the nude color may look into the shirt. Nude looks much better than white, but black looks better. Black is necessary for every wardrobe.

Other colors I encourage you to look for female colors and print bra and fun, sexy, girls, owls, and women recommended very much in every women’s wardrobe. They are not very practical under light colored clothes, but having one or several of these is truly amazing to wear under a dark, patterned, or a bit small top. When you are a mum and a wife, a sexy bra can make you feel a million dollars. I am that alone!

My intention of this post is to do something fun for those wearing white clothes for personal or religious reasons. Becoming a Latter-day Saint (Mormon) I know and understand that some women of LDS religion have someone who does not feel comfortable with this statement or contribution. This is my opinion and I have not declared this to be the doctrine of the church. What you really want to get is to extend your thoughts a bit.

I hope these tips will help you. If you want to learn more about how brassieres fit, let’s head to my bra guide page. You and your tits change.

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