3 tips for finding the best nursing bra for you

Alison Grange did not think she needed a nursing brassiere. “My mother thought that it was difficult for me because I could not breastfeed and I had a friend who I could not do,” Ont’s Brockville’s mother recalls. Just then, she got a $ 5 nursing bra from the factory outlet. When she made her daughter successful in breastfeeding, Grunge was stuck with a brassiere with little support, soon lost its shape and had frustration. “I noticed that the nursing brass is much more important than I thought.

If your breasts do not do it properly when you need it most, you can keep breastfeeding out of the way. In the worst case, Attie Sandink, an unhealthy brassiere breastfeeding consultant, may cause a wide range of lactation distress from yeast infections and papillary blisters to serious infections of breast tissue, mastitis and mastitis I am talking. Here are some things you need to know.

1. Invest in sleeping bra
After a few days of birth your breasts may clog and leak (especially at night), you will always be able to support your girls. Sarah LeMay, founder of Toronto’s nursing and nursing boutique Evymama, says: “It is necessary to have a strong brassiere that can not be digged anywhere. Although it is sometimes called” sleeping bra “, because there is no underwire, it is impossible to apply appropriate pressure to the milk duct, so it is ideal for wearing all day . In addition, they are made of soft, breathable fibers and stretch easily with your chest. Nursing tank top with soft built-in brassiere is another good option right after childbirth. However, the elastic band around your rib is generally thin, so it does not support much.

2. Become professional size
When you want more support or a smoother fit, get the size of professional structured bra size at maternity boutiques and department stores. This can be done in advance in about 36 weeks. This is an approximate size from 6 weeks to 8 weeks after birth (when your chest suddenly stops fluctuating). Also, please wear a softer bra for the first 2 months.

Since your chest should not inflate from the cup, if this is happening, please purchase a larger cup size. Let’s get the perfect bra comfortably for the most comfortable hooks. (But be sure that there are no red marks left in the test, so wear brassieres for 5 minutes in the shop.) Then the thorax will contract after childbirth so that you can tighten it I can do it. If the band is on your back, or the strap is slipping off your shoulder, a smaller band size is required. “The band needs to do 90% of the support,” LeMay says. “It’s too loose, I put pressure on my shoulder and neck too much.”

3. Do not invest at once
Sleeping bra can be purchased on most budgets, but more structured nursing bra such as wide straps, thick bands with extra hooks, easy papilla access panels, Can be used in the range of $ 100. LeMay suggests that you have 3 or 4 in total for either type, but please buy only a few at a time.

Every time Grange thought about upgrading a bra, he refuted that he probably would not need any more. But she has finished nursing for over a year. “If I try to do it again, I will make more efforts to find a good quality nursing bra”

Should I buy a nursing brass with underwire?
How about underwire? There is no evidence that underwire is not OK. However, the general agreement between lactation consultants, you can find the rhythm of your milk supply by waiting six weeks after birth before wearing a bra. “Underwires do not improve blood circulation and lymph circulation coming in and out of the breast when the bra is too tight,” says Attie Sandink, Ont’s Burlington lactation consultant. And such pressure can cause obstruction, pain, infection.

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