5 tips to buy your daughter’s first bra

Your daughter’s first bra: I have a 2 year old young girl. The feeling of the day when I buy her bra does make me feel excited and sad. I think that my daughter will be able to impress my daughter with the knowledge of the bra (she probably thinks I am a big pervert) and the reality that my daughter is growing up into a woman. All of us with daughter may eventually be shocking for the first time, for some mothers and daughters, it may be horrible, embarrassing, or fun, depending on the attitude of you and your daughter to that one . Recently I received a lot of mails about my first bra shopping tips with young girls. Today, I will share the way to do a successful bra experience, what I learned from matching hundreds of young girls in my lifetime, and what I recommend to those who are just developing. My 5 tips to buy your daughter’s first bra:

1. Decide on your daughter how to talk about puberty / physical changes / bra shopping

All mums / parents / guardians / fathers or shoppers shopping is to talk about why her body has changed and why you are doing bra shopping. I grew up with a family that was quite open about topics like puberty and bra. As a young girl and a teenager, it brought me nuts and I often seemed embarrassed by it. But now I am grateful for the influence of my family because I feel that I am opening more things about these topics.

My husband grew very much. His parents never talked about sex or adolescence as a child or teenager. This created a very hash-hashed environment in which the rug was cleaned under the rug to avoid unnaturalness and embarrassment. This, my husband, learned about these things from his friends. Her friend should not let her educate her body. This is often the cause of poor body images, even though friends have the best intentions. I do not recommend you go this way.

I am not saying that your family needs to talk about dinner time. (This has happened many times in my family) Everyday birds and bees are talking, but I think the attitude of family to such topics will affect the prospects of you and her daughter Give it. I really opened about it as well as how I grew up and how my family was opening about these topics. And I regard myself as a woman. I strongly believe that the amount of embarrassment that a young girl is feeling talking about her body is the power of the family.

Before you shop your daughter’s bra, talk about conversations about adolescence, how her body changes, and what to expect when shopping for a bra.

I do have a policy if some of the things I talk about when I meet a young girl do not feel they need to talk to me. We will try another route. I will tell you that your daughter will measure on the measuring tape as you go shopping for bra, try some bra and see which one fits the best. They are not naked and there is no need to expose themselves to hers and bra that will help you (mama).

It is important for her breasts to tell your daughter that its size and shape will change over its lifetime. They say that the average woman will change the size of the brassiere in her life at least 10 times. For weight gain and loss, pregnancy, nursing etc.

If you open it with your daughter before shopping for her bra, I promise that your experience with you and your daughter will be much more enjoyable and may be a bonding experience instead of chores and battle.

2. Bra to know when the time to go shopping

So, when do you know when it is time for your daughter to get a bra? I really like this statement from this eBay:

It is a good time to see mothers’ daughter’s blouses stand out and go shopping for bra. Because they are not catching up with their peers, it is just before they start growing the image of poor people.

3. Become sensitive to her emotions

What if your daughter is not shopping or when her body is changing? It is up to you to deal with the subject. If your daughter is still very uncomfortable with the idea of ​​bra shopping, it becomes sensitive to her feelings, all women go through puberty, there is nothing to be embarrassed or embarrassed, it is part of growth ! Perhaps listen to the story when she was passing that stage in your life and let her rest assured that she is okay.

Please do not entertain or point out the shortage or richness of her breasts. You are a daughter, you know what you have and what you do not have. Sadly, I saw this too frequently in the dressing room with my mother. This is worrying, as shopping trips become a terrible experience and start a cycle of terrible shame of her body. Here are two excellent examples of what you do not do. This really shows that my mother is not used to myself or to my body.

If she is growing, she is stabbing a shirt and not interested in wearing a bra, start her slowly with a shelf / camisole brassiere or a bratte. She gets used to them, once she feels a more comfortable move to the bra.

4. Get the proper bra

Starting this process of wearing the brassiere in the right direction is very important. Do not join the confusion, stress, or anxiety by complicating the bra shopping or trying to judge how the brassieres fit.

My best advice: Let’s take her to the pro! In most cases, mothers may know the best, but bra specialists like themselves know boobs and bra. For reference, I will provide personal bra consultation and online consultation to learn more about them. The brassiere industry changes very quickly. Since you fit, new information and products may come out. Begin your right leg so that your daughter can have education and information about bra, chest, and appropriate clothing from the beginning. And give a good example – fit yourself! If you have never been worn, this is the perfect time for your own education so you can practice what you preach.

Mom, I highly recommend you to read the guide that shows you an example of how bad and good fitting bra that you look like, how I should not be with a brassiere. Also I will tell you how your numbers and letters work, how to find you and the size of your daughter’s bra. By knowing this, you will be more confident in the dressing room with your daughter by knowing the perfect bra for it. These are big resources, but I recommend that you still adapt professionally.

Nordstrom has a wide range of options, from AAA to JJ cup size, from 30 to 46 band sizes. There are independent boutiques boutiques specializing in Dillards, Macy’s, bra. All these places do free fitting. If you are not alive with any of these, I personally offer a group (mother’s and daughter’s fittings are the best) and online consultation. Please see here for the detail.

5. Types of bra

It might be overwhelming to try to determine the best bra for your daughter. I strongly urge her to ask what she wants to wear. What she wants to wear is never going to be the right bra for her at that point so please propose a cover, support, or some other better option for her.

There are four kinds of brassiere that recommend it according to how I develop a young girl. From a more basic type of brassieres, we will explain towards a more structured and supported bra.

Camisole / Shelf bras

These bra are amazing for your daughter in the early stages of development. These bra will help her get used to wearing something around her chest. They do not do a great job of coverage, but they are comfortable. These brassieres are light and do not support much. There are several wonderful examples of camisole and shelf bra.

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