How can your bra does not fit?

How do you fit a bra? “Are you tired of wearing the wrong size bra? Because I am here, you can change your life without wearing a fitted bra!

My name is Courtney, I am a Braf Fit Specialist certified, I have worked in the lingerie industry for several years and hired thousands of women in my career.

I came here to show you exactly how to get a perfect fitting bra by giving the most important six bra hints here that will change your life!

Are you suffering as follows?

  • Your bra is uncomfortable, so you do not wear a brassiere?
  • Is your chest falling out of your brassieres?
  • Are you always adjusting your bra?
  •  – Packer or gap in your cup?
  •  – Do you dig or dig out your strap?
  • Do you feel your breasts are not supported?

If you ask yourself, “How do you do a brassie?” There are six places that you need to check whenever you try on a bra, we are worried about examining each of these places please do not.

1. Goa
This is being beaten in the middle underwire separating your chest. From this illustration, you can see that the underwire does not separate this headless girl’s tits. There are lots of riots occurring. For all your big tits girls, it is truly, really, really, really important, the middle part of the bra is flat against your skin. If there is a large gap between your skin and goa, this means that the cup size of the brassiere is too small to increase the cup size. Looking at the underwire in front, you can see how literally they are lying on the front chest. This is no no.

Double bob effect
2. Top cup
When Gore is not lying completely flat on your skin as shown in the first picture, a horrible “double breast” comes out from above the cup. “Double breast” is when the cup is too small and there is no extra space in the breast, when the breast is pushed out of the brassiere and the brassiere is pushed into the top of the breast.

3. Bottom cup
This is the place under the underwire. When Goa is not lying flat between your breasts, and when you come out from above the bra, 100% time will get you the ass you will come out of the bottom of the brassieres. In order to make sure that the bottom cup scoops up your chest, you’d like to grab your bra, bend, take your hands, shrug your chest and hold on to the cup. I will do this on both breasts. Standing behind, you need to adjust the bra before. After adjusting yourself, please check if there is a 1/4 “space between your breast and underwire, if so, this means that your cup size will fit You can feel your breasts come out from the bottom, your cup size is too small.

4. Side
The fourth place you need to check is the aspect. You can see that in the figure, the majority of her breasts are not covered with bra. When this happens, a side underwire is lying on your chest. You want the underwire to put at least 1/4 inch space between your breast tissue and your bra.

5. Band
The fifth place I want to check is the band on my back. Let’s see how the band is riding high and how it is crazy about the last set of notches. This means that the band is stretched out and loose. You need to lower the band until the band size is the smallest or you feel it is perfect for the loose set of hooks. Place the band on your back so that the dotted lines are displayed. Where did your band come from 95% of your support? This is how many women complain about the pain in their backs when you are wearing the wrong size bra, so why they are putting their chest weight on their shoulders, not their bands That’s why. When your band lies on your back, you will lift your chest high. Less fat on your back makes you very comfortable!

Bra strap falls from the shoulder
6. Strap
This is a good indication that you need to lower the band size because your band size is too big if your strap feels like falling off your shoulder, or sitting really wide on your shoulder . The larger the band size, the more straps can be placed behind the brassiere to accommodate larger women. The smaller the band size, the narrower the strap behind the brassiere will be narrowed to accommodate a small woman. You can slide two fingers under the strap and you will have trouble moving them. If you can easily move your fingers, you need to tighten them. Do not forget that your support comes from your strap, not your band.

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