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You are like me and have an expensive taste, do you have a budget? This is the story of my life. Like many of you, I do not have the extra money to spend on bra. To earn a living, education is done by writing ways for women to go shopping for bra and how to protect their chests, but in fact they can not afford to buy a bra. Is not it ironic? Just because you can not use 100 dollars for a bra such as myself does not mean you have to sacrifice fit and quality. In this post, I will briefly introduce the method of buying cheap and quality bra! It is a high quality bra that is sold anywhere from 40 dollars to 100 dollars and can save anywhere from 40% to 80% discount anywhere. I think your tits and wallet will sing Hallelujah! Also, I will tell you the best time to buy your bra to maximize savings. You are welcome.

The first step to save money is connection with lingerie merchandiser. To do this, we strongly encourage you to sign up to receive store newsletters and e-mails and receive notifications when sales and customs arise. By knowing, you will start seeing sales trends and you can know if sales are really good. Participating in the remuneration program and opening a debit / credit card with a lingerie store or merchandiser is to gain exclusive access to sales and promotion. You can also earn points every dollar. This is something to consider and will help you regain money to head towards future bra shopping.

The second step is to always buy sales and packing racks. Easy pcs.

Nordstrom Rack

Reach out my most favorite place, Nordstrom Rack. If you are near, you will be blessed. Otherwise, do not worry, you can buy it at the online store! The reason I love NR is that all their bra is of quality and has a wide range of very important sizes. The key to achieving big savings with Nordstrom Rack is that you need to know how big you are. If you do not go there, it may cause nausea and headaches and want to hit the wall. Because they do not have an accredited bra specialist, it is not possible to find someone who knows how to fit properly unless I am in the same NR as you. If you do not know the size, read this size guide and explain how to find the size step by step. There are always two kinds of racks in the lingerie section of NR. There is a “reduced type” price bra and there is a clearance section. I will never see a brassiere with “reduced price”. Yes, they will be reduced, but there is clear rack where to find really good deals.

Here is the secret of a million dollars. The wonderful point of NR is that there are such things of searching and sending. Let’s say that you have found the required bra and size, whether you can not find your size in a specific bra or a specific color, but they do not have another one in the shop. Sales associates can use the convenient Dundee iPhone to search all NR stores in that country and see where they are. The wonderful thing is 95% of the time they can find that bra in another shop. What they do is that they send requests to other shops and that shop sends goods to you! The shipping cost is 7 dollars, but even if you get an additional shipping cost of 7 dollars you still have amazing deals. Is not God sending this? I have helped many clients and me get a bra in a cheap way in this way.

It is worth noting that seeing a bra that is marked as cheap really like the range of $ 10 – 20 is most likely to have been canceled in color or style. So, you may not be able to find that bra in another store, but luck like finding it online like will be more. If you find a bra you really like in NR clearance, we strongly recommend you search and send and buy more.

The search and send mechanism is a way to find sales associates, they are often wearing green T-shirts and it is easy to find. You hand over the items you want to search, they scan on your iPhone and ask you how many colors. If I do not know the color of bra, I will look at the tag and say there. When they find a bra in a different store, they send a request to the shop. They will get your mailing information and will pay it soon and they will print you from the receipt. The fee will not appear on the card until the search is completed. You will receive an email notifying you that your brassieas completed, and that will give you the date you expect your item to be.

I recently did search and send this Wacoal bra, which was usually $ 65, but it was very discounted at $ 9.97 !!!! The only miracle they left is the size of 30D It was intended, but it was so cheap that I would like to order another miracle. Sales associates searched on their iPhone and only two were found in the company. She sent a request and in a day I informed via e – mail that my request for this bra was satisfied. I should expect a bra within 5 to 6 business days! Yahoo.

When I went to the local NR a week ago, I noticed that all the bra that participated in the anniversary sale in July and August are all in the clear rack. When I go to NR in early October, I can find the brass I wanted to get cheaper at Anniversary Sale! For NR clearance racks, it is difficult to find basic colors like nude and black. You are likely to find a fun printed bra colored in Clearrack. So, if you are looking for a nude or black bra, please get there at the beginning of October. Then you can pick Anniversary Sale stock first.

I just found this. There is a “Clear the Rack” sales at NR, and I will knock an additional 25% of the clearance item on shop front and online. This sale always happens around holidays. I just knew they had the next one after Thanksgiving! This is the ultimate time for stocking on bra you can save more expense! Check when their next Clear Rack Sale will follow NR on Instagram, Twitter, or their Facebook page.


Just because Nordstrom is known for being expensive, they are not without good sales. Anniversary sale is a big way to buy new autumn and winter bra. They also have many basic colors between nude and anniversary sale like black. They are usually about 40% off. Not too bad. Anniversary sales are held once a year in July and will be held until August. The price of those bra will rise in August. If you have forgotten your anniversary sale, that is okay. Not everything is lost. Semi-annual sale occurring twice a year, every six months is another great time for saving. I found that the price of the brassieres during the Anniversary Sale period has returned to the same price at Half Yearly Sale. Therefore, we spend twice as much time on these savings. Breakdown of sales every half year is as follows.

 – half year sales for women and children (May)

 – Half annual sales for women and children (November)

* Another way to know when Nordstrom got another big sales is to check Groupon. You can see all the sales and promotions that are taking place on that day and week. That’s pretty awesome!


Dillard can not be omitted. They have more annual turnover than Nordstrom does. I called a local Dillard and talked to a manager in a friendly lingerie department and she told me when the best sales will come. She said that this year ‘s best – selling is on January 1st, their bra all are 65% off, even 30% off. So she said that this is the time to take stock. Dillard also sells for nearly three weeks of the month for several days, chose a 40% off bra. not bad.


I did not know when Macy’s sales will occur, so I had the most difficult time to call my local Macy’s and get information about sales. My lingerie colleague was very rude and useless anyway. I will know that their one-day sales are the best time to purchase 50-80% bra from 50% to 80% regular price anytime anytime so they purchase extra Get 15%. Macys One Day Sales is usually the third weekend of the month. The store is normally open from 9 am to 11 pm. There is a special deal on Friday and Saturday between 9 am and 1 pm.


I really like buying bras from I purchase my nursing bra and let my online bra client also purchase from here. In most cases, I can find a discount bra that can not be found with cheaper bra than a brick or mortar store or store. In addition, size, brand and color are also diverse. I try to find a bra with a prime ship because it is free. When purchasing from a third party, please reconfirm the return policy. Purchasing more than one bra for different vendors at Amazon may cost you, especially if you pay shipping fee for each of these items.


Some people may be tired of the idea of ​​buying an EBAY bra, but I am relieved and do a good experience doing it. I do not recommend you to purchase used bra, but most of bra for selling on EBAY is a new era that is being sold from independent vendors, here you can earn big savings I will. You must be patient. This will take more time. However, the probability that you save a lot is quite good. If you go this way, if you are not sure if a bra is worn, read the explanation and send an email to the seller. You do not want to be stuck with the bra you dislike, so check the return policy.


I thought that Zreeley was only for children and babies, the boy was wrong. They deal with women, men and family. Zulily has become my new favorite online store to buy bras. A few days a week, they are offering great deals to Bra. They often have a brand name of 40-60% off. You can find new brands you have never heard before, so checking there is a lot of fun. You can sign up to get daily deals and notify you of something on sale. If you do not have a Zulily account, please go here and create an account.

Other online store

There are Bigger Bras, Her Room, Figleaves in my other favorite online store that has a wide choice of size, color and style and offers big deals. Please sign up for their newsletter or follow them on social media and make sure you get the clearance and selling words.

I hope this will help you save money on your next bra purchase. I can not say that I feel better than scoring a cheap bra for a cheap price. Where do you like to buy bras with bricks or mortar stores you like online or on your favorite? If you have any questions, please give us the following comments.

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