Three tips for finding the perfect fitting sports bra

Are you active and find you having a love-hate relationship with your sports bra? Do you feel like you are wearing a medieval torture device? One of the most frequently asked questions when I become a bra is how to find the right fitting sports bra.

I find that many women who want to do more exercise, are healthier, want to lose weight, lack important elements for that. It feels comfortable while it is active. If you do not feel comfortable, you are not going to feel motivated to stay actively. Especially if you feel like your breasts will hit your face, bump in the middle, fall from the brassieres. Here are my three simple steps to find a perfect fitting sports bra.

1. Determine the type of activity you are doing
More support will be needed if you plan to do more impactful sports such as jogging, football, soccer, HIIT, tennis, basketball, CrossFit etc. I would recommend underwire or sports bra with high impact. These two options give you lift, support, hold them in place, and make little of breast bounce.

You can leave without wearing underwires when you play sports with low impact such as walking, weight gain, yoga, cycling, dancing, pilates etc. Another factor is the size of your cup, I go deep down.

Determine the size of your sports bras
Your bra size and your sports bra size will be the same. Some brands may feel If you do not know your size, I will go the way to measure yourself to get a good starting point about what size my bra sizing I go to the post. If you live in Utah, you can do fitting with me here with a bra in a bra shop.

3. Find a perfect fitting sports bras
Perhaps the last step is to dislike most people and see which one fits the best! After completing steps 1 and 2, the hints for success are shown below.

In the case of my small and large girls girl it is strongly recommended to wear encapsulated sports brassiere instead of compression type. The encapsulated sports bra provides better support and prevents your chest from vertical and horizontal movement and they greatly reduce bounce. Compression Sports Bra is for low impact activities that most women wear when playing high impact sports.
Get multiple sports bra. If you are working more than a few times a week, I definitely recommend getting one or more sports bra. When wearing the same brassiere every exercise, it will not last long. The bra is average, the last will grow after 6 to 12 months.

We will check 6 points. The 6 point check is very important in judging whether the sports bra you are trying is thinking about purchasing. You can check my six points below. If you want to see this beautiful picture you are drawn, please go here.

Please try some of your exercise clothes and try on your bra. You want to make the sports bra that you are trying to get better look under your exercise clothing. When going shopping for sports bra, we recommend wearing athletic clothing.

Perform bounce test. Yes, you should bounce to the sports bra and make sure they are in place. If you find a bra, you can think of it as a competitor, bounce up and down, skip over jacks, buffy, etc, or do it physically in the dressing room. Do you need to adjust it later? Did they bounce and attack you with a face? I am convinced they did not. If you say that you agree with both of these, this bra is not right for you, sorry.

Is it comfortable? Please move your arm from front to back to make sure your armpit is not hurt by the brassiere. The worst thing is that the way is to have an unpleasant sports bra.

Light color = high maintenance dark color = low maintenance. It has beautiful white sofa and is like a small child. Your white sofa will not stay white over it with a very long greasy, sticky and dirty hands. The sports bra has passed through the washing machine and picks up the body odor of sweat, dirt, and many dirty smells. If you want to make your brassie look longer, we recommend you to get something darker than white or cream.

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